IPS Setup

Package Contents

The Keiser Graphics Generator includes the following materials:

  • 1 Graphics Generator Unit
  • 1 DC Power Adapter
  • 1 HDMI Cable
  • 1 Composite AV Cable
  • 1 IR Remote Control
  • 1 Ethernet Cable

System Requirements

The Graphics Generator Unit (GGU) requires an HD capable Television, Monitor, or Projector. An HDMI cable is included and is the preferred method of connection as it provides the highest quality of picture. Composite AV is available for older televisions, but should be avoided as the lower resolution may significantly degrade readability.

The GGU does not require an internet connection to operate, however it is required in order to receive software updates or to allow control from a phone or tablet. Due to the interference that would be caused by using Wi-Fi, only Ethernet may be used to connect the GGU to a network.

The included remote is an infrared (IR) remote which requires line of site to the GGU in order to operate correctly. If the instructor intends on using the remote to control the class, the GGU will need to be placed accordingly.

Basic Setup

Installation of the GGU is simple and requires no tools. Read through the steps below thoroughly before proceeding as the order of operations are important for an easy setup.

Keiser IPS connection diagram

Basic setup using HDMI to a television and Ethernet to a router.

Setup Steps:

  1. Use the HDMI cord to connect the GGU to a television or projector.
  2. Use the Ethernet cable to connect the GGU to a network switch or router.
  3. Plug the DC adapter into the GGU and then plug into a power outlet.
  4. Place 2 AAA batteries in the IR Remote Control before using.

The GGU will automatically detect the display type and determine the best resolution to use. Some televisions have a “zoom” or “overscan” setting that should be turned off in order to utilize the full screen area.

Screen Adjustment

The first time the GGU is turned on, a screen adjustment view will appear, allowing the screen size to be set. If this screen does not appear press the “Up” arrow button on the remote repeatedly while on the “M3i” screen until the arrows appear.

Keiser IPS resolution adjustment screen

Screen adjustment tool: Use the up and down arrow buttons to adjust the display size.

Once the screen adjustment arrows are visible, use the up and down arrow buttons to adjust the size of the screen to best match your screen. The tips of the arrows should be visible in order to see the full screen. Once the display size is set correctly, press the back arrow to save the settings.

System Updates

If the GGU is connected to a network with internet access, it will periodically check for available updates. When an update is available, a notice will appear on the bottom of the “M3i” screen. If an update is available, it should be installed as soon as possible, as it will include stability improvements as well as new features.

Keiser IPS update available notice

This notice will appear whenever an update is available.

While the GGU will check for updates automatically, it does not automatically install these updates. To perform an update, open the settings menu and click the “Update” button to start the update. A more detailed explanation of the process is available in the Operation section.