IPS Frequently Asked Questions

Bikes are not appearing on screen.

The most common reason that a bike is not appearing on screen is that the bike ID has not been set to a non-zero value. To test, allow the bike to go to sleep. Then, begin peddling and watch the screen as it turns on. The bike ID will flash for a few moments as the bike wakes up. If the bike ID is set to 0, the bike will not appear on the screen. To fix this, follow the instructions in the “How to set bike IDs?” section to set it a value between 1 and 150.

How to set bike IDs?

To set the bike ID, follow the instructions outlined in the M3i bike settings manual. Note that there are two pages, depending on if the bike distance should use miles or kilometers. The videos embedded below outline the procedure as well. Please take note of the video title for indication of unit type being set.

For bikes using miles:

For bikes using Kilometers:

How to check software version and sofware ID?

Press the menu button to access the General Settings menu. The Software ID and Software Version are listed above the System Settings button.

How to setup a Wi-Fi connection?

To setup a Wi-Fi connection, access the General Settings menu, select the System Settings button, and select the Wi-Fi tab from the Wireless & Networks section. Ensure that the Wi-Fi adapter is turned on, then select the appropriate Wi-Fi network. After entering credentials and ensuring a successful connection, use the back arrow to return to the General Settings menu.

How to update the system?

To perform an update, open the settings menu and click the “Update” button to start the update. A more detailed explanation of the process is available in the Operation section.

The system is showing bikes that do not exist.

If the system is showing 24 bikes that do not exist, then the system is most likely in demo mode. The demo mode is designed to allow the system to be used for training or demonstration purposes without requiring a class full or riders. To toggle demo mode, reference the the demo mode portion of the Advanced Operations section.

The screen doesn’t fit the television.

This is the result of a feature in some televisions called overscan. It is meant to crop the screen to help with the appearance of normal television. This can, however, have the unintended consequence of hiding portions of the IPS screen.

The best solution is to set the television to “Just-Scan” or “Pixel” mode, but if this feature is not available, reference the the screen adjustment portion of the Advanced Operations section for instructions on using the screen scaler function.